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Kepler Research provides government leaders with innovative solutions that achieve tangible results.


We serve government decision makers charged with the responsibility for our nation’s largest and most critical missions and capabilities. Since our founding in 2002, we have developed partnerships with multiple agencies across the government and continue to expand our client base. We help our clients operate with greater efficiency and less risk, make improved decisions with minimal unintended consequences, and manage their programs for peak performance.


Our client portfolio encompasses a broad range of missions, from aerospace to agriculture:

  • Missile Defense Agency

  • US Department of Justice Executive Office of Immigration Review

  • Transportation Security Administration

  • US Special Operations Forces Support Activity

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Air Force Global Strike Command

  • United States Marine Corps

  • United States Department of Agriculture

  • Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower and Personnel

  • Defense Information Systems Agency

  • Air Force Space Command

  • Defense Intelligence Agency

  • Office of Naval Intelligence

  • National Security Agency

  • Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center

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