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Small Business Office Media Analyst

Provide support to a Government Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP). Prepare analyses, schedules, diagrams, estimates, responses to inquiries, and reports. Engage in reviews, meetings, and conferences to support the Government in decision making and programmatic courses of action. Provide clear documentation for public release in accordance with Small Business Policy and comply with Public Affairs Directorate (PA) guidelines for release of documentation prior to posting on the OSBP website.  Maintain and update OSBP website, which is a tool that provides core information specifically for small businesses on MDA; as well as related new releases, media and other resources, and business opportunities. maintain the fully functional MDA Marketplace database online. Generate data and information, as defined by the Government, for use in metrics reports. MDA OSBP Internal Portal: Act as portal manager responsible for maintaining and updating the OSBP portal page.

Required Experience:

  • 6 months experience in a DoD Office of Small Business Programs

  • Experience developing and maintaining a database management system and web portal to support maintaining a customer relationship management system

Required Education: Bachelors

Required Clearance: DoD Secret

Salary: $60,000 - $75,000 per year

Location: Huntsville, AL

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